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Author, Burning for Freedom
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Friday, February 22, 2013

A. G. Noorani at his malicious tongue-wagging again!!

Hi, Everyone! I have to say, A. G. Noorani is tireless in his malicious and malevolent misrepresentation of Savarkar!! He was at it again on the death anniversary of the Mahatma with his article in the Hindu @

I immediately wrote an article in reply, but the Hindu did not publish it, nor did they answer any emails sent to them in connection to it.

In this particular article I am specifically exposing Noorani’s blatant misrepresentations upon which he bases his spurious claims of Savarkar’s complicity in the death of the Mahatma.

·        How long must we remain silent in the face of this gross injustice to Savarkar?

The only way to combat malicious outpourings such as Noorani’s is to educate ourselves re the true facts and speak up.

So, readers, do please read my article which has, very fortunately, been published in Here is the link:

For more information on this, do check the Gandhi-murder Case category in my blog.


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  1. I stand corrected; the Hindu has published a very much edited version of my article minus all particulars. Here it is: