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Author, Burning for Freedom
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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Namah NaMo (Part I)

Finallyડડડ!!! The Dawn of a New Era is here! NaMo NaMo!

With Shri Narendra Modi  (aka NaMo) at the helm, there shall now be the India of our dreams, the India of his dreams, a MODIfied India.

In this clip he unambiguously and impassionedly avers—and in Sanskrit at that!! I just love the way he always quotes in Sanskrit—what India should be and will be.


His background may have been humble and ordinary, but he is most certainly not an ordinary man. And today he is a phenomenon.

One has to thank the RSS and BJP who recognized his many sterling qualities and gave him the opportunity to grow to full potential. He has so many extraordinary qualities, and they are all jostling about in my mind, vying for the number 1 spot.

He is:
          A karmayogi, with the drive, force, and strength to do his karma
A man of vision; a man of action; a man who delivers the goods
A man with an amazing outside the box thinking
          A man of unshaken principles and commitment
          A trustworthy, honest, and straightforward man
          A man who says what he means and means what he says
And so much more . . .
It hardly sounds like the description of an Indian politician!
Indian politics, thanks to the Congress, has been following the path of Muslim appeasement since the Communal Award of 1931. India was steeped in vote-bank politics under the guise of secularism, where to take pride in being a Hindu was to be labeled “communal.” No matter what the case, the Hindu-Muslim question popped its head up and you will have heard the media and politicians ask umpteen times “will this hurt the feelings of the Muslims?” thereby creating and maintaining a perpetual rift between Hindus and Muslims. It was a political suicide to say—never mind aver with great pride—that one was a Hindu.
In this ambience, NaMo proclaimed himself as a Hindutvavadi—which is perfectly in keeping with a strong united Indian identity, only most people have so many misconceptions re Hindutva, they look askance at it.
He publicly stated he is a Hindu nationalist.
He made no bones about his RSS background and hails it as a great organization (there are many Indians who shy away in horror at just the mention of RSS—their only knowledge of it coming from the negative media—so much has it been maligned for the last so many, many years.)

And he takes great pride in being a Hindu.
“I don’t play the vote-bank game,” he has declared publicly—and most certainly he did not play it!—“I am busy uniting the entire population, irrespective of their caste and community, to free all from the poisonous cycle of vote-bank politics.”

Never was there a question of “one” identity—until Narendra Modi brought it to the forefront.

His campaign slogans were bang on!
          Ek Bharat, Shreshtha Bharat
          Sab ka saath, Sab ka vikas
          More Governance and less Government
          India First
And the slogan that would make it all possible:
          Ab ki bar, Modi Sarkar

Not only that, but he took (and always takes) the bull by the horns and addressed issues swept under the carpet by the Congress. He talked of the need of putting an end to the Bangladesh infiltration, of ridding the country of corruption, of making it a safe and secure place for women, of bringing prosperity to the farmers, no farmers should have to commit suicide, of not keeping silent and passive when Pakistan indulged in heinous acts, like beheading Indian soldiers, of bringing the black money from overseas back to India. In short he exposed all that India had become and presented a picture of all that India could be under his leadership.

In every word NaMo spoke, his patriotism, his deep reverence for the motherland, for Maa Bharti, Mother India, and his love of his fellow-countrymen was patently visible, surely touching every heart.

No more, his voice rang out, shall India be bamboozled with red herrings like caste & communal issues, India wants security, stability, and development, development and more development.  And people didn’t have to just take his word for it: they had proof in the Gujarat Model.

Hai Ram Modi ka hain zamana

And all of this was taken to every corner of India by an extremely well-conceived and orchestrated campaign. The presence and oratory of Namo resonated everywhere through every possible medium: Internet, mobile phone, TV, radio, Social-media, and 3D holographic image reaching 100 places at once! We mustn’t forget the NaMo songs—lovely, each and every one of them (I lost count long ago)—the NaMo accessories, and coined words like NaMo, MODIfied.
NaMo’s holographic speech:

Modi ko vote denge, Congress ko chot denge, Congress ki kar den chutti (very prophetic it turned out to be!):
Rajneeti ke keechad mein jo kamal khilane waala hain, modi aane wala hain:

Youth anthem:


In short order, a NaMo wave rolled over India and gathered such momentum, that on May16, 2014, a tsuNaMo swept over the length and breadth of India and NaMo was elected by Indians of all ages, castes, creeds, religions (yes, Muslims, too!) and ideologies by a thumping majority!

          “India has won!” declared Namo and so did the victory song:
He stole our hearts all over again by starting his new life with his mother’s blessings and with a mahapuja for Ganga Maa. With no loss of time, even before the swearing-in ceremony, he has got down to work. Every day we hear reports of this task-force or that being put together and the button ready to be pressed on many schemes and operations as soon as the swearing in ceremony is concluded on May 26.

Winds of change are here, and it is such a pleasure to breathe refreshing lungfuls of it!
NaMo, NaMo!

-  Anurupa





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