Author, Burning for Freedom

Author, Burning for Freedom
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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dialogue Dilemma . . .

Hi, Everyone! I have written re the breakdown of Savarkar in 2011. I was so determined on writing those scenes that I jumped in with both feet, eyes closed. But in 2009, when I first wrote Savarkar scenes in the Cellular Jail, it was another story!
My knees were knocking together at the idea of writing dialogues for Savarkar then. How could I dare to do such a thing? It was a sacrilege . . . !  What colossal audacity on my part . . . ! Such were the admonishments my mind was beating into my brain. The Quivering Jelly (mentioned in the first post)—so happily in abeyance for a while now—was about to be resurrected, I do believe.
How could I write a novel on Savarkar, if I didn’t have the gumption to write dialogues for him . . . ?
It was this thought, and only this thought, that gave me the courage to give the QJ the boot, before she quite took root. I bent my mind to the problem and the solution was not far away!
In his book My Transportation for Life, written re his experience in the Indian jails, Savarkar has very frankly revealed many of his thoughts and feelings. It is a wonderful book to read. I did a deep study of this book, made a selection of his various thoughts scattered throughout the book and rendered them in a dialogue form.
It was not easy by any means, but it was possible. In 2011, after completing the manuscript —by which time I was very comfortable writing Savarkar’s dialogues—I went back and revamped them all.
And now, not only I am going to start my next novel on “Savarkar in London”, but I have every intention of writing little anecdotes of Savarkar, perhaps in a story form, in my blog posts.
There are so many interesting Savarkar snippets, but all are written in Marathi. I shall be digging them up and putting them before you all.

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