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Author, Burning for Freedom
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Monday, April 8, 2013

Biography of Savarkar, Post 3: Fergusson College, Pune, Days

Savarkar, in Fergusson College
·       In January 1902 Savarkar enrolled in Fergusson College and took Pune by storm.

·       In 1904, he renamed Mitra Mela society as the Abhinav Bharat. It was run along the lines of Secret Societies of Ireland and Russia. Aggressive propaganda spread this society far and wide.

·       By 1905 by the power of his eloquence, personality, and oratory he had stirred several youths into patriotism. He started a paper, Aryan Weekly. Conservative professors called him “the Devil.”

·       He advocated swadeshi to all and members of his group were required to wear swadeshi clothes, read extensively, and exercise and swim regularly, besides doing well in their studies.

·       He also took part in college plays, particularly a Shakesperian tragedy.

·       October 7, 1905: Savarkar organized the first bonfire of British-made cloth. For this he was fined `10 and expelled from the college hostel.

·       June 9, 1906: having won a scholarship from Shyamji Krishnavarma, Savarkar left for England ostensibly to study law. In reality he wanted to bring his dream of a revolution to fruition over there.

·       Some of Savarkar’s poems were banned by the Government, but he was not considered a serious threat to the Raj at this time

-  Anurupa


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