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Author, Burning for Freedom
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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Biography of Savarkar, Post 4: London Goals


India House, London
Plaque on India House

·        Under Savarkar’s leadership India House, London, became the revolutionary headquarters. Abhinav Bharat gathered strength here and he established the Free India Society to carry out all the public programs such as regular meetings, celebration of festivals and glory of Indian heroes etc.

·        He gave the “Sepoy Mutiny” the status and deserving honor of the Indian War of Independence. On May 10, 1907, he celebrated its Golden Jubilee. His speech “Oh Martyrs” rocked everyone. From then on the British police kept a watchful eye on him.

·        Savarkar’s goal’s in London:

(1) stirring national pride and patriotism in the Indian students

(2) stirring patriotism in the Indian army

(3) making connections with revolutionaries of other countries (Ireland, Egypt, Turkey etc.)

(4) making practical arrangements for a revolution (procuring arms, instructions on bomb-making)

(5) studying British law to circumvent it in the revolution

(6) writing patriotic and inspiring books.

Savarkar was successful in carrying out these goals in the three short years he had at hand, but to do that he had to come under the British radar.
Savarkar with London friends

- Anurupa

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