Author, Burning for Freedom

Author, Burning for Freedom
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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Biography of Savarkar, Post 2: The Beginning . . .

Savarkar took his oath before this Ashtabhuja Devi idol
·        Burning with patriotism as he was, the hanging of patriot Damodarpant Chapekar on April 4, 1898, triggered Savakar to take an oath before the idol of Ashtabhuja Goddess to fight until death and organize an armed revolution for the freedom of his beloved Hindustan.

·        In September of 1899, Savarkar’s father and uncle succumbed to the plague. Both his brothers, Ganesh (Babarao) and Narayanrao (Bal,) were seriously affected by plague, too. Fortunately, both of them recovered.

·        Despite these troubles and the fact that a recent robbery had left them destitute, the young family plunged whole-heartedly into the freedom struggle.

·        In Nasik in 1900, Savarkar formed a secret society, Rashtrabhaktasamuha, for armed revolt and Mitra Mela for conducting open activities to fan patriotism in the hearts of the people by changing ceremonies and festivals into political and national functions. Mitra Mela also carried out social work.

·        Savarkar was married to Yamuna Chiplunkar in 1901. His father-in-law had promised to fund his university education.

 Savarkar and his Mitra Mela friends 
-   Anurupa

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