Author, Burning for Freedom

Author, Burning for Freedom
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Monday, April 15, 2013

Biography of Savarkar, Post 5: London activities

Madam Cama
Shyamji Krishnavarma


·       Savarkar’s foreign propaganda (publishing articles, still extant, in foreign newspapers and meeting revolutionaries of other countries) gave swift results. August 24, 1907, Madam Cama, as a delegate representing India, waved the flag of independent India in the International Socialist Conference and gave a fiery speech. The Kaiser of Germany in his reply to President Woodrow Wilson said “absolute political independence of India was one of the indispensable conditions of world peace.”

·       Secret pamphlets and brochures were being published and sent to be circulated amongst the Indian soldiers. Fiery speeches were targeted to stir all Indians, Sikhs, Muslims, and the Princes as well.

·       Savarkar sent regular newsletters to India, wrote the book Joseph Mazzini in June 1907 and Indian War of Independence, 1857, in 1908. This book was banned by the Government of India before its publication. Savarkar played tag with the British police to get this book published. He sent it to India packed in the covers of innocuous books.

(Watch this to learn more about it:

·       He organized guns to be smuggled to India, sent people to study bomb-making technology and arranged to send copies of the manuals to India.

·       It being difficult to target Savarkar lawfully by British laws, Government of India targeted Babarao. He was sentenced to transportation to Andaman on June 9, 1909.

·       On July 1, 1909, Madanlal Dhingra shot Sir Curzon Wylie dead as the first act of the revolution to free India.

·       Now both the British and the Indian Government concentrated all effort to entrap Savarkar and put an end to his revolutionary activities.
-   Anurupa

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