Author, Burning for Freedom

Author, Burning for Freedom
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Friday, September 20, 2013

Re-vamping my Website

Hi, Everyone! At the moment I am enjoying myself revamping my website—it seems as if the sky is the limit!! And it is all thanks to the enterprising Harshavardhan Shinde.
Just a month or so ago, I got a fb message from one of my newly-become Friends, Harshavardhan. It went something like this: “Your website is old and behind times. You need a new one and I can give it to you.” I was extremely preoccupied and busy at the time. Nothing but the sheer audacity of this statement was going to puncture that, for sure!

I was aware of the limitations of my current website, though. I cannot do anything on it without going through the webmaster and that is quite a tortuous process. I had so many ideas, I had progressed so much (articles, videos, interviews etc.) in the last year, but my website didn’t reflect it. After a half hour or so messaging with Harshavardhan, I had a cautious flame of hope burgeoning within me. It was 3 a.m. in India at this time. Harshavardhan promised to send me a sample of what my website will be like to put some of my concerns to rest.

Unbelievably, a mere five hours later he had a sample site incorporating quite a few details ready! When did he work on it . . . ? When did he sleep . . . ?—and I discovered he is a college student. So young!

I must say I found his enterprise and verve very, verve impressive.

As an added bonus, I found out that not only can I manage the website myself I can design it myself too. So here I am, on the threshold of a reader-friendly, technologically with-it website I hadn’t even dreamed of (for I didn’t think I could have it)! Now I am giving myself a free rein and including a Video gallery, Photo gallery, an “Ask me” page, and a making a “one-stop-shop” for research sources on a wide range of subjects . . . oooh! I love it . . . especially the last one, for it has been my dearest wish for a long time; ever since 2009, in fact.

And it is all thanks to Harshavardhan Shinde and his

So coming soooooon .  . .

- Anurupa


  1. Thank you very much, Anurupa Ji.!

    - Harshavardhan

    1. I am the one who has to be grateful, Harshavardhan! I am sitting here chewing my metaphorical pencil and happily wondering what next I can add to my website---not to mention that it makes me feel that I have emerged from the embryo stage in the technological-wise dinosaur land that I am.

  2. Great work.Harshavardhan ! He did same miraculous job for my company ; he is also supporting us to run virtual learning environment here in UK for trainee doctors. He delivers quality within no time, I request something to him n go to bed , when I wake up its ready!
    .keep it up.

    1. He is definitely admirable and amazing, Dr. Jeve, and I am very, very glad he found me!