Author, Burning for Freedom

Author, Burning for Freedom
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Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Very Own Miracle . . . !

Hi, Everyone! The day dawned finally. My novel was released. I had been warned that it could take up to 6 weeks for my novel to be uploaded on the various websites. I had to be patient.

The very next day, I found my novel on the amazon site. That in itself was a small miracle. I loved the fact that the whole of my novel right up to the end of Chapter 1 is available for the reader to peruse. I also loved the fact that the novel can be downloaded on the computer.

On the morning of August 1, I was checking the links after having Googled my name. I came across this one that I had never seen before and clicked on it.

It was a book review . . . !! I simply couldn’t believe my eyes. Not only was it a review, it was a jolly good one.

This was Divine Intervention in capital letters. How many unknown authors can have experienced this?

How had Paige Lovitt picked up my book in the first place? I had not even started marketing my book yet. And that wonderful, wonderful review . . . !

It was a very humbling moment—and I am not much given to humility. I call it an Act of God, my very own miracle.

So, readers, you can see that Divine Intervention exists, all one needs is belief in God.

By that I don’t of course mean constantly praying and asking for things from God. That according to me is a big no-no.

And there is more . . .


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