Author, Burning for Freedom

Author, Burning for Freedom
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Oh Mercy Me . . .!

Hi, Everyone! With the aid of Google translate and a couple of other sites—none by any means efficient translation tools for translating 100-year-old French legalese—I marched along my chosen obstacle course (with grim, very grim, determination) of translating the French Savarkar Case submitted to the Hague on October 24, 1910.

After much hair tugging, rolling of eyes, and even some tantrum-throwing (at myself) I managed to translate the documents. Sometimes it took an hour or two to translate one sentence. You will find them all except the French case (which I have to final proof read yet) in the right bar.

I am going to put before you some of the translations the sites threw at me, just to give an idea of how horrendous an ordeal it was.

"because illegal is because the law also Volker Act (law) is the individual states, including the arrest in violation of foreign territorial sovereignty. Self of course, is that the state whose territorial sovereignty is violated in such a way that has the right to reparation under international law, and thus also the freeing of the compensation shall and may require unlawfully arrested."

Trying to make sense out of that abbledy-gabbledy is enough to give anyone a migraine!!


"It is therefore to him that it échet to prove the parking ticket that it alleges"

At this I had to go into my head-clutching routine. Just what was I supposed to with ‘parking ticket’?!!


There were words referring to the Tribunal Court translated as 'your haunted wisdom'. Now, what on earth did that mean?

I checked all three sites with the words by themselves, in parts of a sentence, and full sentence (believe it or not, sometimes that gives totally different meanings). No luck.

Lastly, I checked haunted/haunting in thesaurus and—yippee . . . !!—I found a meaning I could use: everlasting. So my translated sentence is saying, "your everlasting wisdom."

This kind of stuff was the norm. Besides this, I also had to translate some Latin and German references that occur in the Case. I totally rebelled at one letter and have not translated the whole of it, only the parts relevant to the Case.

But bottom line is that there is extremely valuable information in these documents. Some of which I have recorded in my Savarkar: The Great Escape. And the rest I am saving for my third book.

It was worth every bit of the agony I went through and more.



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