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Author, Burning for Freedom
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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Gandhi: A British Mole . . . !

Hi, Everyone! Dhananjay Keer was a very reputable biographer. Indeed, his biography of Gandhi—of some 800 plus pages—was invaluable for my research.

Out of the forest of words therein, out jumped these words given below and smote me a deadly blow between the eyes. The timing of this incident is 1919, after the Noncooperation Day (and the resultant Jallianwala Bagh tragedy) declared by Gandhi.

“He [Gandhi] gave interviews freely to the police at his place, visited their offices to give information about his tours and visits, and discussed with them the behavior of his lieutenants. He told police that ‘Horniman was an advocate of violence’ who believed that a revolution might be justifiable if justifiable ends could be achieved by no other means. He promised the British Police that if Umar Sobani revealed his mind to him he would tell them about it.”[1]

I read this passage once, did a double-take and read it again—and again. I couldn’t believe my eyes![2]

·        The Mahatma of the Indians, the “Father of the Nation” was passing on to the British the confidences made to him by the freedom fighters of India . . . !
·        And that was his conscious, deliberate act.
That is the action of a spy, a mole.
Mahatma Gandhi Facts: Gandhi Revealed

[1] Mahatma Gandhi: Political Saint and Unarmed Prophet, by Dhananjay Keer; Popular Prakashan, Bombay, 1973; page 288.
[2] B. G. Horniman, a “dhoti clad, bare-footed” British citizen, has been described as being “more Indian than Indians as a freedom fighter, and his forceful speeches ignited the Bombayites’ to urge for freedom. His main themes were complete freedom and parliamentary democracy for India.”
Umar Sobani was a Muslim Nationalist who joined Gandhi in the Noncooperation Movement of 1920.

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