Author, Burning for Freedom

Author, Burning for Freedom
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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Savarkar Sadan, the Perfect House for Me!

Hi, Everyone! Before I began writing the Part II of Burning for Freedom, I worried over how I was going to manage the many characters I needed to include.

My key characters were: Savarkar and his family; Babarao; Narayanrao and his family; Keshu and Lakshmi; and Gajanan. Their comings and goings, the place where they lived, their conversations, their interaction all would have to be portrayed. But all the while I was conscious of the space limitation. I did not want to go over 350-400 pages (I had decided that that was a reasonable number). So it was likely to be an issue.

But when I studied the Savarkar Sadan—most fortunately, Savarkar has given a detailed account of its layout and of who lived where—it was all most conveniently arranged for me!

Savarkar had built his home so that his brothers, secretary (actually there were two of them), and bodyguard Appa Kasar were living in the same building. And the office was there too!

My description of Savarkar Sadan, while it may seem like fiction (so convenient is it), is perfectly true. What was convenient to Savarkar to run his life and office was very convenient for me in writing my novel.

It would have been a little odd to have Keshu running back and forth from his home (if it was elsewhere)—materializing from spot A to B as if by magic, if I did not describe the whole. I was most relieved to have one less thing to agonize over.

I should mention here, that Gajanan had a family. I haven’t mentioned them as they were not necessary to the plot (nor could I unearth much information on them). As I have mentioned in my Author’s Notes, I had to leave out several people who should, perhaps, have been included.


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