Author, Burning for Freedom

Author, Burning for Freedom
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Monday, November 5, 2012

The Pakistan Plant Blossoms . . .

“A deed without a name . . .”

Hi, Everyone! I am not going to give a detailed description of the trickery and dastardly acts that Congress committed to win the elections. It is very well covered in my novel Burning for Freedom. I shall just mention it in bullet points.

The Congress High Command was quick to realize that a curtain would have to be dropped on their Pakistan ambition. Indians did not want their country to be hacked to pieces. The industrialists supporting the Congress poured money into their coffers for the election campaign. It was in their interest that Congress win the election too. They had already invested a lot of money in the Congress, if the power went to the Hindu Mahasabha, their investment would go down the drain!

The Congress adopted these tactics:

·        They made passionate avowals of rooting for a united India. Pakistan would be accepted only over their dead body.

·        They went all out to support the Indian National Army soldiers, and they defended them at their trials. The Indians loved the Congress for this!

But up until the election the Congress was calling these patriots traitors. Now it suited them to champion their cause.

·        They bribed, threatened, or sabotaged the Hindu Mahasabha candidates. Their schemes got the Hindu Mahasabha president to withdraw himself from the elections.

Savarkar was completely incapacitated by ill health and could do nothing to campaign for Hindu Mahasabha in the elections.

So this Congress foul play was entirely successful!

Result was that Congress won the Hindu seats in a landslide, and the Muslim seats went to the Muslim League.

Now the fate of India was in the hands of these two and there was not much anyone else could do prevent them hurting India.


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