Author, Burning for Freedom

Author, Burning for Freedom
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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Wagging of a Malicious Tongue . . .


"Upon my tongues continual slanders ride,
Which in every language I pronounce,
Stuffing the ears of men with false reports.”

-  William Shakespeare, Henry IV, Part 2

Hi, Everyone! From the very beginning of my research, A. G. Noorani came to my notice as a very particular Savarkar-basher. I do not know, nor intend to find out, why.

I am a very picky reader. I will read books which express views opposed to mine, but I have no respect for writers whose intent is malicious, who ridicule others, or who use coarse and vulgar language in expressing their opinions.

A. G. Noorani, in my opinion, falls in the bracket of one whose “intent is malicious.” There are no other words to describe his constant diatribe denouncing Savarkar. He throws together many words that give the illusion of being convincing arguments but upon reading have no substance.

The only reason I am mentioning him here is because he is at it again. He has an article published in Frontline where he is once again indulging in naming Savarkar as a co-conspirator in Gandhi’s assassination. After four years of my silence, I feel enough is enough. If we don’t speak out, people will only have the word of the detractors of Savarkar to follow.

That is why I wrote a letter to the editor of Frontline. The letter did get published though in a very much watered-down version. I am going to give here my letter in its totality.


Mr. R. Vijaya Sankar

Editor, Frontline

Subject:     Essay:   Savarkar and Gandhi’s Murder, by A. G. Noorani, Volume 29 - Issue 19, Sep. 22-Oct. 05, 2012

Dear Sir,

Every year or so Frontline and A. G. Noorani take it upon themselves to begin the Savarkar-bashing by rehashing the unsubstantiated, inconclusive, and irrelevant points re Savarkar’s alleged involvement in Gandhi’s murder.

Now, I, on the other hand have some pointed and very much relevant questions of you.

1)    Why did Morarji Desai not show the same diligence in the prevention of the Mahatma’s murder as he did in its investigation afterwards?

Indeed, why did not Sardar Patel appoint one man in charge of the investigation prior to Gandhi’s murder? Why was Nehru silent?

2)    Why did Morarji not take any action upon Dr. Jain informing him of the conspiracy to murder Gandhi? Dr. Jain claims he gave Morarji the names, but even if had not, could he not have been imprisoned (like the 20, 000 others who rotted there after Gandhi’s murder) and perhaps tortured to give that information, just like so many were tortured to cough up evidence against Savarkar?

Do read this article:

3)    Why was Nagarwala struggling ineffectually with mere instincts, when Delhi police had concrete knowledge, just like Morarji, that editors of Hindurashtra were involved in the conspiracy? A simple phone call would have given the names Nathuram Godse and Narayan Apte.

And over and above all of this, even if nothing was known, a simple search of incoming people would have prevented a gun being taken into the prayer grounds.

·        Why was this simple preventive action not taken?

·        Why was the murder of the Mahatma which could have been so easily prevented, not prevented?

·        Why was no Government official, minister, or policeman held responsible for this incredible, hard-to-swallow, utter incompetence?

It is time for Frontline and A. G. Noorani to put aside the vociferous yapping on Savarkar’s “moral” responsibility and time to talk of the Government’s culpability in the murder of the Mahatma, the Father of the Indian Nation.

We want answers to these questions.

Anurupa Cinar

Author Burning for Freedom”

Tomorrow I shall post another comment I posted (but which never got past the website moderator) on the longreads website where the Frontline-Noorani duo are continuing their Savarkar bashing.


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