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Author, Burning for Freedom
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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Reactions to my "Gandhi Facts: Gandhi Revealed" posts

 Hi, Everyone! As I consider birthdays sacrosanct, and today is Gandhi’s birth anniversary, I have taken a break from my posts on Gandhi Facts: Gandhi Revealed for today.

I have had two set of reactions to my posts, one representative of ‘Gandhians’ and the other of ‘Savarkarites.’

I was under the impression that I have made myself very clear about my motives and the driving force behind why I became an author and why I consider it necessary to reveal the truth re Gandhi, but maybe I have not. I am going to give a recap here. More is revealed in my interview @

But before I go any further, I do want to let everyone know (for I have received insulting, ranting emails from a Gandhian, whom I shall refrain from naming at this time) that any insults to be made to me, must be made as comments on my blog, boldly and openly. Hence forth, I shall certainly consider myself free to publish them there, anyway.

I shall reiterate some points re myself:

·        My goal:     Worldwide recognition and justice for Savarkar.

·        My stand:   Truth cannot—and shall not—be hidden!

·        My way:     Doing what I see is right, even if society in general will oppose it.

Questions I have been asked re my Gandhi posts:

Why am I painting Gandhi black?

·        I am not painting Gandhi black. I am presenting documented facts. Whether people see Gandhi as black or white or grey, or indeed any other color, after reading them is entirely up to them.

What do I have to gain by writing so of Gandhi, “the greatest man born on Earth”?

·        I don’t consider Gandhi “the greatest man born on Earth,” and I never have.

·        I don’t do anything just for “gain.” I am stating unambiguously and frankly what is my driving force and purpose in my first post September 28, my interviews, my website and anywhere else I have a chance to speak.

Is this a disservice to Savarkar (“painting Gandhi black” to “elevate” Savarkar’s image)? “Savarkar does not need this kind of support.”

·        Savarkar himself did his very best to let the Indians know the truth about Gandhi—so, no, I don't see it as a disservice to Savarkar to reveal the truth re Gandhi.

In fact, I see it as a disservice not to do so.

·        I am not interested in “elevating” Savarkar's image—I want the world to know who and what Savarkar is. I want them to look beyond “images.”

·        For sixty-five years plus Savarkar has suffered maligning of his name, annihilation of his work and many gross injustices. It is still going on today. Savarkar needs justice and recognition—worldwide.

This is my way of doing it, even if I walk alone on the path.

And I want to state here categorically that I am doing it in my individual capacity—not as a representative of “Savarkarites” or any other group/party/organization nor indeed as a team member of

I particularly want to stress that my opinions and actions are not a reflection of My role there is purely that of a researcher and writer on Savarkar.


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