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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The truth behind the myth (Part II)


Hi, Everyone! The Moplahs of the Malabar area rose in revolt, on August 20, 1921, and not only indiscriminately raped, killed, and converted the Hindus but also killed Europeans and damaged Government property. Their very worst act was ripping open the womb of pregnant Hindu women and pulling the unborn baby out, then killing both.

·        Gandhi remained unmoved by these horrors . . . !

Here are some of his comments on the riots themselves as well as the Moplahs:

Gandhi-quote from his magazine, Young India, September 8, 1921: “The Moplahs are among the bravest in the land. They are god-fearing. Their bravery must be transformed into purest gold.”


Another Gandhi-quote: “Forcible conversions are horrible things but Moplah bravery must commend admiration.” Mahatma Gandhi: Political Saint and Unarmed Prophet, Dhananjay Keer; page 401.


“Gandhi did not feel much for the rapes and murders and forcible conversions. He had declared that he would sacrifice a million men for his principles! Three months earlier he had said: ‘I think that only god-fearing people can become true noncooperators.’ And now he hailed the murderous Moplahs as god-fearing men!” ibid; page 403.


Gandhi’s calm acceptance of the violent Moplah riots: “Hindus must find the causes of Moplah fanaticism. They will find that they are not without blame. They have hitherto not cared for the Moplah. It is no use now becoming angry with the Moplahs or Mussalmans in general.” The collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi, vol. 22, page 269; Navjivan Trust, Ahmedabad, 1966.


Gandhi-quote in his Young India of September 29, 1921:The ending of the Moplah revolt is a matter not only of urgency, but of simple humanity. The Hindus must have the courage and the faith to feel that they can protect their religion in spite of such fanatical eruptions. … Be the Moplahs be ever so bad, they deserve to be treated as human beings.”

Here is how Keer records it in his biography of Gandhi:

“It was not only the Muslims in the Khilafat Conference and the Muslim League who ignored the criminality of the barbaric Moplah action in Malabar, but the Congress under the truth-seeker did so by declaring there were only three cases of forcible-conversions! It showed to what level the Gandhi-dominated Congress had fallen in placating the Muslims, Shraddhanand observes in his Liberator  of August 26, 1926, that ‘that the original resolution condemned the Moplah’s wholesale for killing of Hindus and burning of Hindu homes and the forcible conversions to Islam.’ But in passing such a resolution the Gandhian Hindu leaders trained in the art of surrendering and placating the Muslims had done their job to the satisfaction of their master [Gandhi].”[1]

There was some attempt made by the Congress to deny the Khilafat roots of the Moplah riots. Among the 450 plus pages of the Government communications of The Mapilla Rebellion,[2] I found the banner of the Moplah riots, which clearly gives this the lie!

Khilafat. Allah is Great.

Old and weak, young and strong,

Those who walk, who are rich, poor,

Armed and unarmed, hale and hearty, halt [3] and infirm,

Let everyone, in godlike guise set forthwith to battle.

There were a spate of riots, especially in Mumbai and Bengal, during the visit of the Prince of Wales. Police were killed then too.

“When the Prince of Wales (Edward VIII) visited Bombay in November 1921, protests degenerated into mob violence with looting. Some policemen were beaten to death; in three days of riots 58 Bombay citizens were killed, and four hundred were injured.” World Peace Efforts since Gandhi, Sanderson Beck; World Peace Communications.

Any one of these (and more) should have shocked the nonviolent soul of the Mahatma, and moved him into putting an end to his Noncooperation Movement.

·        Why then did Gandhi wait until the end of the year of Noncooperation to call off the Movement using Chauri Chaura incident as an excuse . . . ?

Mahatma Gandhi Facts: Gandhi Revealed

[1] Mahatma Gandhi, by Dhananjay Keer; page 414-415
[2] The Mapilla Rebellion:
[3] Those having difficulty in walking.

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