Author, Burning for Freedom

Author, Burning for Freedom
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Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Pakistan Plant

Hi, Everyone! I have now reached the point of putting before you the most sensitive, and probably the most unacceptable-to-all and difficult-to-believe, facts of the Freedom Movement of India.

In the next series of posts I shall outline—always with documentation—how the Congress, Gandhi, and Jawaharlal Nehru planted the seed of Pakistan, nurtured the plant tenderly, and then plucked the fruit. There is a truckload of documentation, beginning as early as 1938.

They did this in two ways:

·        actively, by promoting the Pakistan scheme; and

·        passively, by taking several wrong political decisions in their quest for total power in free India.

Indians (and indeed the accepted version of Indian history) do so love to put the responsibility of Partition on the shoulders of Jinnah or the British. They make very good and obvious scapegoats.

They are certainly not without responsibility in partitioning India. But one must keep in mind that:

·        The British were serving the British Raj. When they schemed to keep power, they were working for their country.

And they did try to preserve the unity of India in the latter years.

·        Jinnah was not claiming India as his Motherland. When he fought for partition—horrendous, inhuman, barbarous depths though he sank to—he was fighting for his country. He was loyal to his Pakistan.

·        The Congress, on the other hand, claimed to be Indian nationalists. Their actions in promoting Pakistan can only be considered as treachery to India and Indians.

The Congress High Command was so busy scheming to get control and power in free India, they didn’t care what cost India and Indians would have to pay.

·        Having come to power they have orchestrated one of the most successful cover-ups in world history.

But I shall remind you of Abraham Lincoln’s words:

“History is not history unless it is the truth.”

And so I seek to set the record straight.

My maxim in life is:

If someone was not ashamed to do the deed, I shall not be ashamed to talk about it.

I do want to make one point very clear. Making a demand for Pakistan is one thing—anyone can demand anything—to actively promote the Pakistan scheme, give the demand body and shape in the politics of India, especially while screaming for Hindu-Muslim unity, is quite another.

Note also:

·        Jinnah demanded Pakistan, vociferously and propounded many agendas too.

But in actual fact, he always managed to side step taking any decision re it, even when Pakistan was being handed on a platter—until the very end.

Burying heads in the sand is an easy thing to do; it is so much more comfortable than facing the stark, horrendous reality.

But those of you who are willing to face reality, hang on to your seats and follow my posts from tomorrow.


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