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Author, Burning for Freedom
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Friday, October 19, 2012

Shenanigans of Gandhi, Part V

“Double, double toil and trouble,
Fire burn and cauldron bubble.”


Hi, Everyone! In 1939 Gandhi was not a member of the Congress. As we shall see in the passage from Keer’s biography given below, that did not prevent him from drawing resolutions for the A.I.C.C. and throwing tantrums if they were not passed as is!

“Dr. Rammanohar Lohia had a tussle with the Mahatma on the South Africa resolution at the All-India Congress Committee in Bombay in June 1939. Dr. Lohia suggested two amendments to Gandhi’s draft resolution. One described Indians in South Africa not as “British Indians” but as “Indians” and the other recommended that Indians had better make a common front with the oppressed communities like the Negroes, the Zulus, and the Arabs and even the poor whites.

This enraged Gandhi and he said he would have the All-India Congress Committee pass his resolution without amendments or not at all. Nehru who had supported Dr. Lohia’s amendments faltered at this stage. He persuaded Dr. Lohia to respect the opinion of Gandhi and withdraw his amendments which had been duly passed! . . .

Gandhi vetoed a resolution of the Congress which it had passed four hours earlier!

When it suited his views Gandhi upheld democratic ideals and when the democratic vote of the Congress went against him he flew into a fury!”[1]

Gandhi’s issues in South Africa were all about getting the Indians there recognized as citizens of the British Empire. Apparently, so many years later in 1939, that had remained unchanged!

Mahatma Gandhi Facts: Gandhi Revealed

[1] Mahatma Gandhi, Political Saint and Unarmed Prophet, by Dhananjay Keer; page 667.

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