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Author, Burning for Freedom
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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Biography of Savarkar, Post 20: The End

Released from Belgaum Jail
       February 10, 1949: Savarkar was acquitted, but not allowed to walk out free in Delhi. The Delhi Magistrate served an order prohibiting Savarkar from leaving the Red Fort area immediately. A few hours later by another order under Punjab Public Security Measures Act, Savarkar was expelled from Delhi and escorted by police straight to Savarkar Sadan, Mumbai. Additionally, he was prohibited from entering the Delhi area for a period of three months.

·       His honor was not reinstated.

·       Savarkar, the veteran of fifty years of service in the freedom movement of India, was imprisoned one more time in free India at age sixty-seven—on April 4, 1950, he was arrested on the eve of arrival of Pakistani Prime Minister Liaquat Ali in Delhi and detained in Belgaum jail for 100 days.

·       Nehru, who admitted to his friend and biographer Mosley, that perhaps they had conceded Pakistan from fear of going to jail in their old age, imprisoned Savarkar twice, on unjust charges, without any compunction whatsoever.

·       From here on till death and beyond Savarkar has been deliberately maligned, misrepresented, and misunderstood. History of the Congress—in its edited and doctored form—was represented as the history of the Indian freedom movement; Savarkar was all but deleted from it. Anyone daring to stand up for him had to suffer Governmental consequences.

·       Nevertheless, Savarkar continued to look out for India stoically.

·       He warned the Governments of the time about the dangers of China and Pakistan (including the Tashkent Agreement.)

·        He gave scholarly lectures on the Six Glorious Epochs of Indian History.

·        February 26, 1966: Savarkar gave up his life by giving up food and water in the highest traditions of Yoga satisfied that he had carried out all his duties in this life.


“अनादि मी अनंत मी, अवध्य मी भला,

मारिल रिपु जगतिं असा कवण जन्माला

Without  beginning nor end am I, inviolable am I.

Vanquish me? In this world no such enemy is born!”

  -   Anurupa

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